Net gin

Pure gin is usually drunk in one gulp like vodka. To weaken the characteristic burning taste, traditionally, it is customary to eat poultry, cheese, smoked meats or fish. In principle, under Jean will fit almost any snack, including fruits, it depends on your imagination and taste. Gin before use must be very well cooled.

Like this gin from a small direct shots with its characteristic thick bottom. Cocktails based on gin is served in tall glasses direct. Dishes before serving, preferably gin is also cool. You can use a special ice glasses, they are easy to make using special silicone molds for freezing ice.

Gin as a base for cocktails

It should be noted that gene very rarely drink as a standalone drink. The mild flavor makes gin a great basis for creating a variety of cocktails. Most popular, without a doubt, is the cocktail "gin and tonic" to cook it, you need in a tall glass put some ice on one third, add part gin and two parts tonic. A ready made cocktail decorate with slice of lemon or lime.

"Fallen angel" - an interesting cocktail, made of equal parts gin, mint liqueur, herbal liqueur and lime or lemon juice. This cocktail has a rich aroma and an interesting, multi-layered taste.

Another popular cocktail is also called "Elixir of peace". It is a mixture of parts vermouth and five parts gin, it is usually served in the typical wide glasses, decorating with green olives.

"Northern lights" - a cocktail of equal parts of vermouth, gin and liqueur "polar". It is traditionally served in a wide low glass with sugar frosting.

"Apricot flower" cocktail, which is preferred by ladies. To create it you will need equal parts apricot brandy and gin, a little lime juice, tonic water. The ingredients (except the tonic) must be mixed in a shaker, adding ice, then strain into a tall glass and fill with tonic.

"Adam and eve" - a bitter-sweet cocktail is very popular in Europe. To create it you will need two parts honey liqueur and gin, part lemon juice a few drops grenadine cherry and slice of lime or lemon. All components should be mixed in a shaker and strain into a glass. Traditionally, the fruits strung on a skewer and put on the edge of the glass.

"Screwdriver" cocktail, made with vodka and gin. Enough in a shaker mix equal proportions of gin and juice, preferably citrus fruit.

"Moon river" is a soft, but fairly strong cocktail. For its creation you need to mix in a shaker of equal parts gin, apricot brandy, liquors "Galiano" and "Cointreau", as well as lemon juice, then pour into cocktail glasses and garnish with lemon or cherry.