James barrow has built a plant, which was opened in 1820, but the unique recipe he never told anyone, but because made at the plant, the drink has always attracted attention and became the reason for discussions. The license of this drink is not sold until now. So every tourist visiting foggy London, committed to bring a bottle of the famous gin of Beefeater.

The composition of Beefeater gin

Beefeater is made of natural grain alcohol, with added wild berries, juniper, licorice, almonds, violet root and orange peel. Each of these components has its own inherent value of flavor in the drink.

Gin is a strong drink, its alcohol degree more than 47 percent. By purchasing a bottle of gin, the question arises, and how to use it correctly, with such a high strength of the drink.

The culture of drinking

To start, put the bottle in the refrigerator so it is cooler, or simply can cook a lot of ice cubes. If you make one SIP of pure gin, you will immediately feel the burning in my mouth.
Gin - the drink of the noble, it has a history and tradition of use. Even the label on the bottles varies only slightly, emphasizing loyalty to the brand and a special attitude to drink.

Quality gin Beefeater will definitely stand out with its scent of juniper, and then you'll feel the spicy notes of coriander and the citrus freshness of orange. In the final taste will reveal the noble bitterness of the almond and the sour taste of lemon.

Jin need to drink with lots of ice to soften the taste. Also welcome to gene various additives such as soda, lemonade, tonic, lemon, Cola and juice with different flavors.

If you decide to add to gin and juice, it will be preferable to use orange, Apple, grapefruit and grape. In addition to drink rarely used olives.

Glass Genie has a special square shape with high sides, fill it first with ice. Then put on the bottom of the glass a slice of fresh lemon and begin to slowly pour the gin, which will gradually dissolve the ice.
Drink gin Beefeater small SIPS, as it has a distinct and strong burning taste. This glass stretch Genie as expensive.

Then add in a glass of the Supplement, which do you prefer, juice, lemonade or something else listed earlier. The proportion of gin, and other drinks should have a ratio of one to two.