Cocktails with soft drinks

Vermouth can be drunk in pure form, especially as their strength is not so great. However, a very common variety of cocktails with "Cinzano". Drink it in combination with alcohol, and mixing with soda, various juices and so on.

Women usually like a combination of "Cinzano" with juices.

Suitable, for example, orange, grapefruit, peach, pineapple, cherry, mango juice. The ratio for this cocktail is one to four.

The classic combination of vermouth with soda or tonic. Can be used, for example, "Schweppes" - it perfectly complement the spicy taste of "Cinzano" - or even a regular lemonade. But to dilute the vermouth Cola should not be – then it will lose a specific taste of Cinzano.

It should be borne in mind that vermouth "Cinzano Bianca" is very sweet, so if the excessive sweetness of the drink is not satisfied, you can dilute it with mineral water. You can add a few drops of lemon juice. For combining with sweet juices it is better to take dry vermouth.

And, of course, you should definitely add in a cocktail ice cubes. Cinzano is usually served chilled to a temperature of 8-12 degrees Celsius.

The combination of "Cinzano" with strong alcohol

Gin and Cinzano mixed in a ratio of 1:1. At least a third of the glass is filled with ice, and then added alcohol.

Generally, "Cinzano" can be used for any cocktails that involve adding vermouth. For example, the favorite drink of James bond – vodka Martini. With the same success it is possible to mix with vodka and Cinzano.

Pour into a shaker ice cubes (to taste), add 40 ml of vodka and shake for about 10 seconds. Then add 10 milliliters of "Cinzano Extra dry". Pour the cocktail into the glass with vermouth, add a little lemon juice and garnish with olives. Cocktail is ready!
Blends perfectly with the vermouth vodka, brandy and gin.

In order to prepare a cocktail of Cinzano cognac or brandy, take one part brandy or cognac, two parts "Cinzano Bianca"and four parts tonic. Serve this cocktail with ice and olives.


As for the snacks, vermouth can be served olives, roasted nuts, fruits, almond, salted fish. Sweet snacks usually are not served vermouth – Cinzano is no exception.