For the product replacement, and even more to migrate to the new location of the radiators the management company or HOA is required to provide technical documentation on a new battery to their installation did not violate the thermal equilibrium of the house as a whole, as well as a floor plan indicating where is the heating element and where it will move. The plan must be included Windows, ventilation ducts, as well as those walls which face the street. Prepare and plan for, and a new technical passport can in specialized Bureaus.
Replacement radiators for a more powerful requires the provision of conclusions of the specialist engineering that these radiators are set to achieve a preset temperature, which should correspond to the period of 18-22 degrees. For bathrooms it's considered normal temperature of 25 degrees. If the temperature in the apartment does not meet these parameters, the above statement is to point this unpleasant fact with the application of the official written statements on the temperature measuring by an authorized person.
The transfer of radiators will also require notification of the management of the management company or HOA in writing. In addition, you will undertake work associated with the coordination of the project in key instances, such as the Housing Inspectorate, the plant, the other organizations involved in the design of the house. The result of the changes and new features of the heating system should be reflected in the documents of BTI.
When you transfer the radiators it is recommended to use only high-quality materials. This is due to the fact that the radiators are under high pressure of hot water in case of leakage will have to cover the whole riser heating, which in winter will cause a negative reaction from both the management company and other tenants.
It is also necessary to consider that the transfer of radiators in the area of the balcony or loggia, even if the area was officially transferred to the category of residential is not allowed, the project is not subject to approval, will be rejected and will bring a serious penalty to the owner of the apartment, looks a similar idea in terms of your own home.
Pay attention to the fact that if you cut the battery, decide to abandon the Central heating in favor of, for example, warm floor, it will not save you from having to pay the utilities in full. In addition, the deletion of components of the heating system of the building must also be consistent, just take and remove the radiator, even in your own apartment can not be privatized.