Perform calculations that must come from the following: ceiling height 2.6 m for heating one square meter of dwelling need two radiator sections. However, experts strongly suggest installing radiators with some "extra" sections. It is much easier to reduce heat than to compensate with additional sources.
Remember: not all types of aluminium radiators, you can put additional partition. These include models made by extrusion (extrusion). Elements are connected into a single structure by pressing, so it is impossible to build. In this case, the lack of sections will have to fill the extra radiator if it is left place.
Keep in mind that the principle established sectional bimetallic radiators are made of mild steel and covered with high quality aluminum alloy. All sections are connected by the radiator nipples, and tightness provide special sealing rings.
Before beginning Assembly, make sure that everything is prepared designed for this model of radiator. To build an additional section to the radiator, first detach the inlet pipe and remove the heating end of the radiator tube with the desired side at the top and bottom.
Then just align an additional link with radiator, install " o " ring seal made of heat resistant rubber and using a special key, begin to gently swing the radiator nipple into the aluminum manifold. Depth of capture must be at least four turns of thread.
Convinced of the strength of the structure can proceed to the dock the next section. At the end of the Assembly, refit the radiator tube and connect, true, offset, lead-in pipe heating.