One of the most fashionable modern trends - a perfume with the smell of fruit. Online you can find flavors, combining a few fruit notes - for example, peach and bergamot, pear and apricot, berry smoothie and lychee. A variety of citrus and figs, which can be considered a real hit of the year. The fresh and sweet flavor of figs is suitable for daytime and evening perfume, in some compositions, it is combined with green notes of moss, Fig leaves and vanilla. You can choose a bright and citrus scent of green figs, milk of ripe fruit flavor and even rich notes of candied fruit.
Fresh ozone scents have already become classics. Today, these smells become less watery, they are enriched with notes of watermelon and melon, sea salt, mint and other herbs. Flavors such a lot among a limited summer news.
Another relevant trend - candy flavors. They occur in different price categories. A perfume with aromas of fruit cakes and candies release and mass and selective brands. Try perfume with notes of tiramisu, Amaretto liqueur, almond cookies or cheesecake. They are very light, unobtrusive, and sounds great in cool and hot weather.
New this year - forefront of the East-wood aromas. These odors can be very feminine, manly or belong to the category unisex. Try fragrances on a base of green, white or black tea, as well as perfumes with notes of patchouli, amber, cedar or juniper.
In the flower group, the palm belongs to the rose. This fragrance has the most fans. Selective brands offer different variations - from the perfectly reproduced the natural aroma of Moroccan, Turkish and Bulgarian roses to more elaborate compositions, where the notes of this flower with a touch of white flowers, herbs and even truffles. Alternative rose can be bitter orange blossom and peony and a rich and spicy toffee. Again came into fashion lilies of the valley. Along with the cherry color they are perfect for light spring perfume.
Pay attention not only to flavor, but also on the concentration of the perfume. An alternative to the spirits now make up toilet water and perfume, as well as haze hair, summer perfumes, not containing alcohol, shower gels and aromatic Soaps. Many brands produce gels and body lotion with the scent of favorite perfumes - these options are especially good for summer.