You will need
  • - handle;
  • paper.
At this age the child already knows the letters and even can write. You can make it a easy crossword puzzle, and together with him to solve it.

TIC TAC toe - the great and beloved children's game. To play it you need pen and paper.
Drawing on memory. Take sheet of paper, one person draws the head of any living creature so that the partner did not. A portion of the sheet with the head tucked in, only brought the boundaries of the neck to mate knew where he was to continue to draw the torso. And so one by one from head to toe draws an interesting creature. Then, the sheet expands, and only now can you see who you got! Very fun and funny game, even for adults.
Edible - inedible. Just not with the ball, as it is usually accepted to play, and oral. That is, you name the subject, and the child has to say edible or not. If the child is well-read and erudite and he is already bored to play this game, try to complicate it, calling complex words, for example: escalope, urbanization, beef Stroganoff, Apocalypse, steak and so on. Thereby you will expand the little man's vocabulary.
Another interesting game. You make a principle, for example – all round. The kid calls a variety of items, and you should answer them Yes or no based on its hidden principle. For example, the child says:
You answer:
- No.
The child says:
- Orange.
Then you answer:

Task the kid - guess the principle. Then me, now let the kid asks the principle.
On the last letter. Very simple and useful word game. You say the word, the child's task to say another word with the last letter of your and so on, such as: brick - garlic - cat - watermelon.