1. Create with your child a story and your fantastic adventure. And let the policeman will guard the way to the magical land, trees - enchanted people, and road signs actually denote quite different to the fairy language. Start to tell the tale, and let the child continues or changes and additions.

2. Don't forget to write children's songs on a disk or USB flash drive and together learn and sing along songs. But to read, watch cartoons and draw on the road is not recommended - the child may feel sick.

3. Play the "Alphabet". In turn each letter of the alphabet find an object that starts with that letter. Items can be called which are in the car and outside the window.

4. If a child can read, give him the map. Let it follow the road and checked the map. And also tells what the name of the river that flows in the city, which is seen on the left. When the child sees before his eyes the route, he will not ask questions about "how long do we have to go." Also you can offer your child to choose places for stops.

5. Give the child in the hands of the old, but working digital camera or camera phone. Ask him to take pictures all along the way the river, or red cars or something.

6. If the child already knows how to read or are just learning, ask him to count the amount of numbers that are on the license plates of adjacent cars.

7. During the trip you can learn some little poem. Just be sure simple and positive. The child will repeat it the whole way, and thus train the memory. Most importantly, do not scold the child if he is in the 20-th time will start to tell one and the same poem.

8. Don't refuse to listen to them. It may be informative stories, and tales. Don't forget to discuss with your child that you just heard.

9. If you go by car on vacation, at sea or relatives, then try with your child to make a plan: where will you go, what you do, what will be the order of the day. This will not only help you pass the time on the road, but will also help the child easier to adapt to the change.

10. Make each other riddles, and older children can jointly solve crosswords or play in the sea battle.

When the child is not boring, the time flies by. If the child likes to ride in the car, you will be able to travel with them and show interesting places of our country.