The undeniable advantage of paper books is that it does not depend on any electronic devices, it is not necessary to charge, it is able to store information for many years and even centuries. But it can take quite a lot of space and weigh considerably. The advantage of electronic books is relatively small and even very small "reader", you can download a huge library. But e-book needs to be charged. In addition, there is a risk of losing information if the memory card fails.
A second advantage of BookReader. Modern paper books are quite expensive. For the money you will spend on "reader", you can buy two or three books or less. Prices on e-book reader are constantly falling. In addition, electronic books are also in other electronic devices, tablet and even mobile phone.
E-book provides plenty of opportunities for those who have poor eyesight. You can choose a model with changing font, different lighting, etc paper books, of course, nothing like this – what font it is printed, he will have to read. In addition, the text in paper books sometimes rubs off or fades. The e-book reader is nothing there. If electronic text is a nuisance, it can re-download. But keep in mind that the e-book reader perceive not all fonts, so don't be surprised if in italics instead of epigraph you will see lines of question marks or something like that.
Many people like to read books, and not completely, and favorite places. To do this, the BookReader is not very suitable, because you will likely have to memorize any numbers of pages. Many fans stop reading and that electronic publications made with the famous paper books, do not always have illustrations. Not everyone likes the fact that all the books, if they are pumped into the BookReader be something like "one person" and there is the opportunity to examine and touch the cover.
The convenience of e-books lies in the fact that you don't need to look for a proper edition. Enough to create folders, and searching for the right books will take only a few seconds. In a large home library, even a very careful owner sometimes have to dig quite a long time. Furthermore, in addition to your favorite books can add to favorites, and then do not will need to look for them.
E-book may have additional functions. There could be embedded audio or video player program to view images, games, etc. to Fans of "clean" reading is not very much. But such opportunities encouraging those who travel frequently and tends to take himself on the road with something interesting with a minimum weight of Luggage.
The person who loves to read, there is no need to choose between paper and e-book, no. These items are not contradictory to each other. Even the most ardent supporter of paper books it is useful to have and "reader" in which to store books that do not need every day. You can do the opposite, i.e. to upload to the eReader books you have long wanted to have in their library, but was unable to purchase.