Ebooks: for those who reads a lot

E-book (which is also referred to as an e-reader or e-book) is a portable device, the appearance resembles a tablet. However, a gadget for reading has a few major differences: battery life, limited functionality and orientation to the display mainly textual information.

The first e-book was released in 1998. However, the LCD screen was uncomfortable to readers: he shoot in bright light, he quickly tired eyes. Therefore, the most popular readings of the new generation, made on the basis of E-Ink technology.

Today, readers with E-Ink screen are sales leaders. People technology called "electronic ink", because it is an imitation of the printed paper text. Reading a book like that need natural light, it not tired and watery eyes. Data readers and consume very little energy, allowing you to use them for quite a long time.

However, the "discoverers" also still available. E-books with TFT-screens have a few more functions. This gadget is more like a tablet: you can listen to music, view photos and videos, play games or surf the Internet. But when choosing electronic devices be sure to consider the disadvantages of e-books with TFT-screen: impossibility to use it in daylight (e.g. on the beach), a strong strain to the eye bistaratzea the battery.

Model the cost of e-books

Today the undisputed world leader in the production of e-books is Amazon. The online store has models of Kindle e-readers equipped with E-Inc screens of high quality. The budget book will cost about $70-80.

Lightweight, compact and convenient e-book on the E-Ink technology can be purchased in Russia without waiting for lengthy and costly transportation from the United States. PocketBook offers models with 5-inch screens for the price of 2 990 Data books may have several options of body colors and 4 GB of memory.

Excellent "reading room" offers Sony. However, their price tag is much higher: 6-inch E-book InkHD Pearl will cost 5500 R. Thanks to the latest developments, the reader has high definition ability to connect to Wi-Fi and excellent performance.

Cheaper models is the company Inch. 5-inch books with E-Ink display offered at a price of 1600 p. these models have a lot of good reviews that promote convenience, compactness and versatility of the "reading room".

Most affordable e-readers are gadgets from companies TeXet and Wexler. These producers managed to gain the trust of Russian consumers, producing a convenient and low-cost readers. For example, E-Ink book with a small 4.3-inch screen TeXet cost only 1700 R. Wexler specializiruetsya But mainly on the issue of gadgets with color TFT touch displays. The value of the products starts at 1,000 rubles. for a book with 7-inch screen.