Paper edition uncomfortable to wear. Easy and simple to use device BookReader – a whole library in your bag or pocket. Take to the ebook of any popular company. The "electronic ink" E-ink protect your eyes. In addition, the BookReader has a high display contrast. Even after hours of reading e-books, you will not feel pain in the head or fatigue.

E-book with touch screen, the most comfortable and functional, unlike their keypad counterparts. Foreign language and specialized literature will be fine to be perceived with the touch screen book reader. You can do highlighting and notes in text. And to read imaginative literature suitable and budget BookReader.

Now a few words about the formats. A good "reader" must accept the following formats: djvu, txt, pdf, fb2, html. And then you probably won't need to convert documents. The lighter and more compact than the will be your BookReader, the better. Suitable six-inch gadget weighing up to 150 g.

Modern BookReader – this is a multifunctional electronic system. With many additional features, it is possible to surf the Internet, listen to your favorite songs, shoot a video and photograph, respectively additional capabilities are reflected in the cost of the device.