Analyse your spending

Only a thorough analysis and cost control helps to identify what you can save. Schedule of payments on loans and try to follow it accurately. No need to cut your budget to a minimum, but the extra costs should be abandoned. Your main goal is early repayment of a loan, therefore, it is possible to indulge in buying some trinkets. Here we are not talking about the necessary medications or food, but shopping is better yet to give, if you set a goal to repay debts to banks.

Find a part time job

The expression "all money will not earn" invented lazy. No need to feel sorry for yourself. There are many options to generate additional income. All the received money to direct on repayment of debt.

Ask for help from the state (state subsidies)

On the information portal BANKDIRECT.PRO. you can get acquainted with the options of public assistance, which can be handy. State subsidies will help save money and speed up the repayment of debt to credit institutions.

Overpay on the loan

Try to increase the monthly mortgage payments by 10%. If you have several loans, then focus on the early repayment of a single debt, and only then start to pay for the remaining payments.

Try to refinance the loan

Most banks offer refinancing loans. It allows you to place a new, more favorable loan to repay an old debt.

Never take larger amount of the new loan to repay old debts. This path will lead you into a debt abyss from which it will be difficult then to get out.

Do not take microloans

"Fast money" or microloans is a huge interest. More unfavorable credit is simply not there.

Fully close the loan

After you made the last payment, be sure to take a certificate in the Bank that you no longer have to. There are many cases when the zero balance was formed negative.