View the terms on which you took the loan or mortgage. If the contract you have to pay annuity method of repayment (when the monthly payment is fixed and calculated in advance), will credit the account of the Bank. This can be done by Bank transfer, cash payment, etc.
Contact the Bank, write a statement on early repayment of the loanand or mortgage. Examine the provisions of the civil code, which States that you are obliged to inform the Bank about his intention to prepay the loan 30 days prior to making the last payment. Determine the date of any balance and pay on time.
Ask the Bank made a recalculation of the payment schedule. But if you decide to repay the entire amount of the debt, it just closed.
Check out the terms of the contract and payment schedule. The differential method of payment (payment amount depends on the amount of your debt) you need to replenish the account, which is usually made monthly contributions in an amount equal to the outstanding balance.
Find out how much you owed to the Bank. This can be done by visiting your Bank personally or through the official website of Sberbank in the Internet (using the service Sberbank Online).
Talk with a specialist Bank, which advises on the drafting of contracts to receive a loanand or mortgage. As a rule, in the first month, you will not be able to repay the entire amount in full (with the exception of the overdraft on the map). Depending on the purpose of the loanand the term can vary from 1 month to 3 years. However, parts of the money to the Bank you can pay any time, coinciding with the date of payment of the regular monthly payment.
Can Deposit any amount to have on hand. The law does not establish a minimum or maximum. If you can't pay all at once - do it in parts, then you will perform the recalculation, which is very convenient, because the amount of monthly payments in this case will be significantly reduced.