A simple wooden ladder can be done independently. However, first it is necessary to carefully calculate everything and make a mock-up staircase out of paper. In this case, will be less likely to make a mistake.
The ladder consists of several main parts. This steps, risers, stringer and the handrail or the railing. The bowstring, which is also called the stringer, it is a carrier Board that holds the rest of the design. Its strength depends on the strength of the entire stairs and the safety of the people who will be on it to rise.
How to make a ladder to the second floor
Prior to the design of lestnicy need to choose the height, width, and the width and height of the steps. This is important.
The first parameter that we need to know is the height of the stairs. It is necessary then from this figure to calculate the height of the riser. No need to make it too high, otherwise it will be uncomfortable to walk. The optimum height for lifting is equal to approximately 150-160 mm. Stage should not be too narrow. Their average width shall be at best 350 mm, and in the worst - 250mm.
After everything is clear with the height and width, it is necessary to find a foothold for the future home of the stairs. After that you must attach the stringer to the porch, and to the beam. apotom you can start to cut treads. Thus it is necessary to remember about podstupenej take them into account.
How to make a ladder to the second floor
When stair risers are mounted, you can mount the stage with the help of special screws. Then there is a handrail or banister. Railings should be high enough to ensure safety - not less than 900 mm.
Now it is possible to paint the stairs. Paint not only gives the staircase a presentable look, but also protect the tree from damage. You can use oil paint, lacquer for wood surfaces - oil-resin or bezmasljanye. Also suitable nitrocellulose lacquer. If done correctly, a staircase will last for many years.
How to make a ladder to the second floor