If you want to grow your first bonsai, as they say, from scratch, go to the Park or the forest, where there are adults giving the acorns of the oaks. Find acorn hatched to be sure that he is alive. But it is better to choose a Rostock with a clean, no sick leaves, height of about 15cm.
To yourself you must have the bayonet shovel and plastic bucket. First type in a ground in the meter from Rostock with fallen leaves, nothing sifting as will fit in a container for future bonsai. This ground required the sapling, because it is from his familiar environment, here it was born.
Now carefully dig up a small oak, in no case do not pull it out of the ground behind the trunk, the germ should be removed along with the lump of earth, its roots don't have any more to suffer. House gently anthracite land with trees, remnants rinse with cold water. Locate the Central root, which grows down, cut it obliquely with a razor blade from a shaving machine, or with a utility knife, leaving a 7-10cm in length.
Utensils for bonsai should be broad, but shallow, maximum 10-15cm, the shop sells special bonsainice, but you can use your existing dinnerware type dishes. At the bottom put drainage layer: about 1cm of sand, small pebbles in a single layer, then brought to the ground. It pour slide, to excess water after watering does not accumulate in the area of tree roots.
A month and a half you will understand, whether caught on a sapling, in the positive case, we can take action to change the appearance of the tree. Start with the shape of the trunk, to do this, around it a coil of wire and secure it at the edge of the dish, slightly pulling, bending should be done very gradually so as not to break bonsai. Pull the wire only when the tree trunk will no longer stretch back.
As and when new branches form the crown of the bonsai. Extra branches can be carefully removed with a blade, the other bent with wire, which should enclose pieces of soft cloth not to damage the bark. To make uzlovatom the trunk and branches the bark of the bonsai nudesite the same blade, but not round, or violated the motion of the juices of the tree and it may die.Order oak has slowed, you should buy special feeding, which reduced the quantity of substances that promote the growth. Bontanica keep on the windowsill for better lighting, winter tree, move to the balcony, watering no more than once per month.