Advice 1: Why peppers do not grow

Pepper vitamin C content, second only to rose hips and black currant, and vegetables are among the absolute leader. But a large amount of this vitamin is not its only advantage. Of vitamin A in it more than in carrots, and aromatics peppers helps release "happy hormones" - endorphins, which has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Vegetable growers grow different varieties of peppers, they are not immune from various challenges, for example, pepper does not grow well. Why?
Why peppers do not grow
The disadvantage of malaperis – loving and capricious plant, the optimum temperature for its growth and development is 25-30 OS. If the weather is too hot, raise the humidity, opening the Windows and doors in the greenhouse. If the peppers are growing in the open ground, protect them from direct sunlight. Before planting the plant temper. To do this, expose seedlings to the open air.The disadvantage of playparty very demanding to soil moisture. Water the plant two to three liters of water, and it should be settled and room temperature. Better are only watering in the morning and only at the root, that is, not falling on leaves and fruits. Deficiency or excess of mineral udobreniya likes fertile soil, but excess nitrogen fertilizer reduces the yield is the fruits are not growing. After planting plants in the ground fertilize it at least two to three times. The first feed should consist of a slurry, diluted with water (1:10). The second feed must be made from fermented chicken manure with the addition of superphosphate (1:12). Feed the plant and root system during the growth, make it balanced dressing. Make dusting the plants with ashes.Bacterial boleznennaya affected by any bacteria, it is very difficult to save. If you find that the peppers began to fade, ceased to grow and to bear fruit, remove them so as not to infect other plants. If bacteria was struck by the seeds before planting, treat them with potassium permanganate or fundazol.Wrong planting of plants in kruntyaeva plants according to the scheme 30*30 65*30. The stems of the peppers down into the soil to the first pair of strong leaves. Remove excess shoots are not needed.

Advice 2 : Why not bloom pepper

Planting of peppers done on time, the seedlings have grown strong and healthy and positive, she underwent the transplant in the greenhouse. However, for some reason the plants do not bloom, do not tie the buds. The reasons can be several.
Why not bloom pepper

For a long time the flowers on the peppers may not appear due to too high temperature in the daytime, especially if it is accompanied by severe cold at night (below 15 degrees). To prevent this from happening, take the time to plant peppers in the greenhouse until the weather is favorable.

If the plants not getting enough light, it can also lead to lack of flowering. It often happens that in the pepper flowers appear and pollination appear the ovaries, but they fall off. Light correction in this case often corrects the situation.

No buds to speak about oversaturation of the plant nitrogen fertilizer. Eliminate such feeding and soon will appear the first flowers.

If flowers appear, but fall, in this case, you need to analyze the humidity in the greenhouse. Too damp air and lacking the soil moisture - the main enemies of a good harvest. Timely watering plants, and only warm water, and the need to ventilate the greenhouse, especially in hot Sunny days. Remember that watering with cold water adversely affects the plants and their fruiting.

When transplanting peppers make sure that the soil is warmed enough, otherwise the roots of the seedlings will not "work" properly and the plants will starve that can cause lack of flowering.

The lack of nutrients is another reason for the blooming peppers. Don't neglect dressing like a Germ" or "Bud", and then a disaster like this won't affect you.

If the flowers and fruits appear, but at some period of time begin to fall, in this case, it is necessary to examine plants for the presence of rotting fruits and stems. If this is the case, then to fight the disease will help you with special preparations like "Zircon", "EPIN".

Why no blooms pepper the house on the window

As for the lack of flowering peppers in the apartment, in most cases, the causes are the same as for growing them in the greenhouse. The plants bloom, they create favorable conditions for it:

- just pour warm water;

- maintain humidity below 65 %;

- avoid strong temperature changes (wall seedlings from drafts);

- use the feeding conducive to fruiting;

- hold the peppers in a separate large containers, do not place them too close to each other.

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