Wrong winter

Most often, the cacti are not in bloom due to the fact that they were not organized wintering in appropriate conditions, and it was at this time in this plant flower buds. To provide the necessary conditions for it must already since September to move the pot from the cornfields bright and dry room where the temperature is from 5 to 16 degrees. In addition, you will need to reduce the frequency of watering. In the fall it should be done 5-6 times a month, and with the onset of winter, the experts do not recommend to carry out watering of cacti or do it only 1-2 times a month.

Insufficient age

If the cactus is not yet three years, then expect flowers from him is not worth it. Because the buds on these plants appear not earlier than this age, and sometimes 4 or even 5 years. To accelerate the emergence of flowers on it, you need to create an enabling environment. For this cacti to be delivered to the window located in the East or the South. Then he will get the necessary amount of sun. In summer, you want to ensure that the cacti soil was always moist. Better to make such plants to fresh air and don't forget to fertilizing with a special fertilizer 1-2 times a month.

Too much pot

Feature of cacti is that they first strive to develop to the maximum its root system and then above ground part. The result is flower buds can't watch them for very long if the plants were planted in large pots. So pick up tanks of average capacity, and even if drainage holes would look out roots, still not worth it to repot the cacti in larger pots, since it will not benefit them flowering.

The appearance of the children instead of flowers

Keep in mind that the buds of flowers develop at the cactus on the shady side. If you're constantly rotate the pot to get every part of plants receive enough sunlight, instead of the buds appear kids, and the bloom will have to leave for a year. Therefore, if you notice that on the shaded side began to emerge the buds, wait until their length becomes more than 5 mm, then you can safely turn the cactus the other side to the light.

Lost time

Remember that cacti bloom only a few hours. Then the buds wither. Therefore, this period could be loss in view of the fact that such a plant has been nursing only a few times a month.