If the facade is dull and needs to be updated, not necessarily to be replaced by a finishing material for a new one. In most cases, you can simply paint the walls, and the house once again will please owners with its appearance.

How to account for features of houses and land?

If the building is surrounded by many tall trees and is literally surrounded by greenery, you should not choose a paint brown, grey, green shades. They will make the house even more boring. Merging with the surrounding landscape, the structure will lose its individuality. For such conditions, it is recommended to choose bright and cheerful colors: orange, pink, yellow. It is important to consider the palette of finishing and roofing materials.

What you need to know your landlord?

Experts recommend not to focus on one color of paint, even if he really liked it. You should thoroughly think about whether it will be combined with facades of neighboring houses, the trim of the roof, surrounding objects. In addition, members of cooperatives, gardening partnerships, homeowners ' associations can be rules which can prohibit staining a home in a particular color or a combination of both. Therefore, in such cases you need to ask, whether in the Statute, any regulations or restrictions on the facade. This will avoid misunderstanding, additional costs and much greater volume than required.

What colour combinations are the most harmonious?

You should not choose any one color for the coloring of all elements of the facade: cornice, pediment, walls, shutters, stairs, columns, etc. with this finish will look dull and inexpressive. It is better to use two or three colors: a larger number will cause excessive diversity, and the building will look pretentious and ridiculous.

Very good combination of yellow and brown, shades of ivory and dark pink, grey and white, green and gold. You need to choose as the main color that best harmonizes with the surrounding space, and the auxiliary to emphasize the facade elements. For example, a house painted the color of a sea wave, is a stylish look with columns, railing, cornice or plinth steel or white.

Do not forget that the paint is glossy and matte. The first will give the building a more elegant look, the second is more calm. Gloss paint is best used for small areas, where the building is preferably of the mass of other buildings. First, it is advisable to buy a small number of favourite colors and see how they will be combined and would provide the desired effect.