Holding for repairs, people want to make their homes beautiful and cozy. But they do not always take the case with the right hand. So, for example, it is believed that colors can hide imperfections of walls, ceilings or floors. Actually it is not, because plain color is not able even to disguise, not to hide different defects. Here are several additional techniques.

When the house is uneven walls

Modern apartments are usually not found such trouble as uneven walls. This problem is more familiar to residents of old buildings, stalinok hruschovok, which for several decades. The situation can be corrected in various ways. For example, the installation of plastic panels along the walls, but this technique is too expensive if you want a reasonable economy. You can paste over Wallpaper with a small figure, but there is another alternative.
It is a mistake to think that one monotone color is able to mask the irregularities - you need a variety of textures and colors.

An alternative to panels – stretch Wallpaper. This special coating, quite durable, does not scratch, is antiseptically, resistance to fire and a number of other useful qualities. However, their installation requires certain skills, therefore it is better to use the services of professionals. And besides, this option is also not too cheap.

The question remains about ordinary Wallpaper or paint. As mentioned earlier, you can use painting, but not monotonous, which is very important for rough walls. It is better to use special textured coatings like liquid Wallpaper. In the field pits, cracks or bevels can adjust the amount of ingredients to obtain a smooth surface. Thus, the main element skradyvaya roughness is not a color, and texture of a finishing material. With proper selection, you can get a double benefit - beautiful interior, and concealment of defects.

Simple Wallpaper as the masking material should also have a rough texture and be free of seams. The color in this case does not matter, the main thing that the pattern didn't need to stitch. Special attention should be paid to corners where it is important to do everything smoothly and without distortions.

Special duplex Wallpaper

On Russian market now there is another interesting material – duplex Wallpaper. They are made using the method of letterpress printing. This material is great for hiding defects in walls. In similar Wallpaper connected by a leaf of paper, which have undergone the embossing being still moist. Then they were in the paint. The stamping itself is done by rolling the paper through the rollers with special pattern-topography.
As an option, try glass Wallpaper. They are easy to use, unpretentious in everyday life and durable.

This material is good to choose if you are willing to experiment and not afraid of new to ensure comfort in the house. Their sticker is not difficult or special preparation of the working surface before the actual process.