Some of the obstacles on the transfer of food

There are some limitations that may hinder the process of moving the kitchen into the hall. For example, housing inspection, in all probability, will not give permission for the transfer, if the house is in disrepair. Also in the hands of landlord shall be a redevelopment project, designed properly.

The landlord will have to deal with the problem of the transfer of all utilities: water, sewer, and water. In the freed space, you can organize a study, but a living room it becomes.

But that's not all. The main problem faced by the tenants during the redevelopment of the prohibition on carrying over of a gas pipe. In this case, install an electric cooker. Finally, if between the hall and the kitchen is a load bearing wall, then the Union is impossible.

The main work during the redevelopment

If you agree with these terms, then the first thing to do is to remove the old tubing and wiring. If the room is above the living room the neighbors, neither the stove nor the sink can not endure. Since the kitchen is a wet area, changing the location of the sink it should be rising a few inches. And it is better to raise the floor level a new kitchen with the construction of the podium.

There are special requirements for ventilation. Will have to carry out the ventilation of the premises, under-equipped kitchen to the ventilation ducts. It is desirable to perform a hidden install a ventilation pipe above suspended ceilings.

Add a few words to the problem of supply of water and sanitation. If the tap tube can function without bias, to operate the Sewerage system desired slope. Of course the piping hot and cold water can be mounted either in the screed or under the ceiling, but for the installation of sewer pipe, again, you need to raise the floor level. If the sink is removed, for example, at 6 m, the differential is equal to 12 cm. All communications must be connected to the riser.

The advantages of combining the kitchen and the hall

The main advantage is the increase in functionality and increase usable area. In this room is very convenient to take guests because of the excessive running around from the kitchen to the hall and back will not. If the combined option is increasing natural light.