Early signs of autism

To notice signs of autism in a child in the first years of life. A characteristic feature is the reluctance to make contact, physical or social. As a result, slows down speech development of the child who simply does not seek to establish links with the outside world.

The child does not show initiative in communication, avoiding eye contact. For people with autism characterized echolalia – repetition of words or phrases that could mistakenly create the impression of mental retardation. However, mental retardation is observed only in a third of cases, usually autistic people understand the meaning of what was said.

Autistic child does not seek to find a common language with their peers, seem emotionally cold and detached. People with autism are distinguished by hypersensitivity to sensory environmental stimuli: light, sounds, smells, touch. High intensity brings on the sorrow is akin to physical pain when damage.

Autism and society

Autistic people are rigid, they are very difficult to adapt to changes. Because they are protesting against the violation of the usual way, they like to put things in order. They live by a specific schedule and require close its strict compliance.

Autism is difficult to understand the promises of others, verbal or non-verbal. Therefore, they do not perceive the humor, the metaphorical meaning of words. The said value is taken verbatim.

In adulthood the interests of people with autism is limited, include usually one specific area. In this field they are well versed, know every detail. With other people they can talk really only about their own interests, while not paying attention to their response.

Autistic people do not understand the problems of others and do not turn for solace. They prefer to spend time in solitude, devoting himself to the beloved. Because of this, such people are very difficult to make friends and maintain long term relationships.

Patients with autism violated forecasting skills and planning, which are controlled by the frontal lobes of the brain. Often, they cannot anticipate events that may lead to life-threatening actions.

As for creative talent, there are a variety of autism – Asperger's syndrome. People with this syndrome are genius in any isolated area. A lot of autistic artists, musicians or academics.