You will need
  • domain
  • hosting;
  • - WordPress.
Before you create a blog on the Internet, you need to come up with a name and buy a suitable domain. Of course, there are free sites like Livejournal, Liveinternet, Blogpost, etc. But Ucoz I suggest you treat blogging more seriously, because it is possible even to earn good money. And so you need to buy a nice domain and choose a hosting.
Go to the website of one of the domain registrars. A lot of them, you can choose the most suitable. There you will find a service search for available domains, you only need to enter the invented name in the string, select the zone ru, com, net, or other and press the test button. If the domain is free, then register it according to the prompts on the website.
Now you need to buy hosting, and where to create the blog. Prices for hosting are quite different, depending on the services provided by it, so you better pay attention to this point. Pay attention to the reviews on the site, ask on the forums webmasters which webhost is best to buy.
Next you need to place your blog on the Internet. To do this, first make a binding domain to the hosting, so list the DNS servers. It's easy, you need to go to the control panel of the domain Registrar and add the DNS that you will receive after purchasing hosting to the email address. Now have to wait up to 48 hours until update new data providers. If you enter the name of the blog in the browser and you will see the splash screen of your host, then the update is made and you can make a blog on.
Log in to your purchased hosting. Create a MySQL database for your blog, set her username and password. It's too easy even for a beginner. On the hosting panel you'll find a menu "Create new database". Then, complete all fields and click "Save".
Then create a site (blog ) hosting, download WordPress, for beginners it is very easy and intuitive. Download WordPress from official site, unzip on your desktop, locate the file config-sample.php. Rename it by deleting "-sample". Open this file in the html editor, I use NotePad++ , enter the password and user name, save, and Repack again to the archive. Then upload it to the hosting root folder of your site (blog). Please note that this archive folder you need to unzip and then zip the file to delete.
Just fill in your details where highlighted
To create a blog one step at a time. Type in the search bar of your browser http://ваш блог/wp-admin/install.php, substitute the phrase "your blog" domain name. Press Enter. You will open the WordPress installation page. fill in all the fields, enter the user name and password. Click "Install WordPress". That's all. Then you can go for this login and password to the admin panel of the site (blog), upload a nice template and start writing articles.