So, you decided to write your blog. Chose a blogging platform, decided on the theme and the purpose of conducting electronic magazine (business, pleasure, affirmation, etc.) and now I think where to start.
Develop your blog design, do not use ready templates. Blog should be attractive, not overloaded with details, look professional. Since you are a beginner then the appearance of the e-journal will be your calling card. To do this, think over what your potential audience.
Influence on the appearance of the blog also has a challenge that you set for yourself. If you aspire to gain, then leave more space for advertising banners and links. If your goal is own fame, glory, place on the blog is a great band with a button "About me".
Who is going to read your blog? If it is narrowly focused specialists, people of the same profession who want to obtain from you specific information or advice on your topic, make the blog more simple, with a minimum of unnecessary details. If a wide range of people who are attracted to your page large range of knowledge that you share on your blog, then make it more colorful, add small details or the flickering images, but do not overdo it.
Not to experiment, check out the accepted color values: red – the color of passion or rage, aggression, blue, business, calming; green is the color of freshness, nature, giving rest to the eyes, but mobilizing to move; grey – official, but associated with boredom and abstruse information.
The main quality of a blog is content, its content articles. Articles – these are your notes, they must contain a complete thought or useful information, have the required form, without any deviations and branching descriptions.
Good content is a subjective aspect of the blog because the style of each writer is unique. However, there are certain evaluation criteria, which allow to achieve the best result. New player advice – go to other blogs on similar topics, analyze them and draw up a mental portrait of their subscribers.
As a rule, they contain the same information submitted under a different angle. So you have a difficult task to achieve uniqueness of your own style. You have the choice to do as they are, or to try to be better. For example, you find that your colleagues serving your material in the form of news, and you write in style articles-opinions, expressing their own point of view on already known fact. Of course, this opinion should be objective and not contain strongly negative or extremely positive statements, otherwise you will scare off some subscribers.
Work out the font, the text should be read easily. Highlight quotes and headings, learn how to make paragraphs, so as not to bore the reader. The best advice – keep it simple. Think over the headlines, they should "cling". Do not write long articles. Develop specific rate blog, for example, write one article in 2-3 days. This will subject subscriber to a certain rhythm and assure in its constancy.
Do not deny readers the ability to accommodate reviews. This will allow you to monitor changes in their mood, attitude towards you. Listen to the opinions of subscribers, don't be afraid of criticism, often it is quite objective.