A platform for blogging, which is owned by Google, Blogger is the service. Blogger is a web service that allows anyone who wants to start a personal blog with a address имяблога.blogspot.com. The service was initially created by Pyra Labs. After he gained popularity on the Internet, it was bought by Google.

The Blogger

Now Blogger provides its users with ample opportunity to publish and monetize content. A blog on the domain blogspot.com can lead simultaneously multiple authors, with traffic it can monetize by placing AdSense ad units, which is also owned by Google).

Among other advantages possessed by blogs on blogspot.com you can specify high speed indexing by search engines, the ability to Park the blog on your own second-level domain and reliable hosting.

How to create a blog on blogspot.com?

In order to create a blog on Blogger, you need to have a mail account on the mail service Gmail (it belongs only to Google). The procedure of registration in Gmail is simple - you need to enter some personal details and create a password to log into the web interface.

After a Gmail account go to Blogger and enter your e-mail address with the password. Then left click on "New blog" and specify the name of the blog, the desired address (it will look like адрес.blogspot.com and select the design template of the blog.

By doing this, you can add to your blog articles and news, create polls and provide an opportunity for its readers to leave comments.

Connection Disqus comment

The default is to leave comments on your blog can only other users of Blogger. If you want to expand the audience of people who will be able to comment on your article, you can use the hotel's free Disqus. Discus allows users of different social networks and platforms to comment on articles posted on several blog-hosting and popular blogging engines (Wordpress, Drupal, Blogger, etc.). For this you need to register with Disqus, enter the address of the blog and choose the appropriate platform (Blogger). Just have to add Disqus widget on your website to blogspot.com to specify the location in the template where there will be comments. Appearance form reviews easy.