Cement particle Board (cbpb) manufactured from a mixture of cement and wood chips. These products are resistant to the destructive effects of moisture, durable, strong. They have only one, but significant disadvantage: cement bonded particle Board is very fragile material. Therefore, when the exterior of the frame house of TSSP, there are some difficulties. But they can be overcome.

Whether to use the DSP for covering timber?

Cement particle Board attracts private developer the inexpensive price and durability. Its smooth surface allows plaster facade, painting it, glued clinker tiles, plastic panels. The opinion of experts about the suitability of this material for cladding of the house is this: for all its advantages, choose DSP is recommended, if no other way. The reason is the brittleness of the plates, so they are difficult to secure on the racks crates. The edges of cement-bonded paintings, as a rule, when screwing of the screw crumble, as in driving a nail – splitting.

How to sheathe the house CSP?

For this purpose it is necessary to use plates with a thickness of 12-16 mm. During installation should be left between the blades technical gap of 2-3 mm, which compensates the action of the expansion-contraction that occurs in the process of changing the ambient temperature. In mounting the DSP should observe the rule: to avoid chips and cracks, you need to pre-drill holes through which the plate will be attached to the frame. They must defend from the edges of the slabs not less than 2 cm.

Another important point, which will help to avoid problems both during installation and later during operation of the house, as follows: when the covering timber the DSP the crate need to do different from that which is mounted for siding, paneling and other materials. The width of the uprights should be 40-50 mm, as is customary, and not less than 75 mm.

If the edge of the plate will crack, it can be sawed grinder with a thin (1.5-2.5 mm) disk for concrete. For fixing of such a cloth need to install another vertical posts that will withstand the proper distance between the cement-bonded sheets.

The rest of the technology exterior trim frame house TSSP is identical to the way its types: the hull siding, paneling, facade panels. First is to mark the wall, which is determined by the location of the studs. Then mounted crate, using as the vertical supports of the wooden bars of a particular width. Further, using screws to attach the wood plate.