Who are these frigid women

About frigid woman can say when within the family there is the emotional and spiritual connection, but on the women's side sees no libido, even after a long foreplay husband. You don't have to after sex without a female orgasm, the wife was unsatisfied. It has already no needs satisfaction not available, therefore, the attitude to sex is different.

Frigid women are often not able to share with friends their own erotic dreams, because they do not happen. Except in the course of the conversation on intimate topics, they can complain about their own antipathy, or aversion to sex. Intimate life with her husband, such women are perceived as evil. They may be reluctant to agree to have sex and it's all for the sake of the spouse. Frigid women do not feel anything during intercourse. Some of them like the affection, but not long-lasting.

Headache, malaise, fatigue, frigid women as a welcome gift. Because of this, and don't need to find excuses for refusing sex. Fearing the expectations of sex, women of this type feel bad feelings, and this explains the partner lack of excitement. Frigid women believe their husbands are attentive, if they are not trying to disturb their need for sexual life.

Signs of a frigid woman

Lack of sexual desire of frigid women can be manifested on the background of lowering of the affective-volitional sphere, but in some women, develops selfish ambition, lust for power, excessive need for respect and other negative qualities of character. The state of frigidity may be accompanied by a complete lack of orgasm and sexual arousal. Spouse to excite a woman can try for hours, and it may lead to nothing.

In conjunction with this, frigid women experience a complete indifference to intimate relationships, they don't dream of an erotic nature and they are not able to feel satisfied. Erogenous zones of these women are not sensitive. The most difficult degree of frigidity among women is considered to be a manifestation of aversion to mating with their own loved one. Such thoughts frigid women can lead to panic, and she in all possible ways is to avoid sexual intercourse.