First and foremost, find a notary who will be able to come to the call on the basis of the territorial location of your home. Because you can invite only the specialist who works in your area. To do this, look in the telephone directory, ask the operators of the helpdesk, or search the Internet for the phone the city or County of the notary chamber.
Turning on the phone to the notary's house, ask them to give you contact information to contact a notary in your area who performs notarial acts at home.
Call listed number to arrange a visit and clarify the features of the procedure. Here you will need to report to the Secretary the form of the required notarial acts and address, which would have to come to the notary. And you, in turn, should tell you what documents will need to meet with the notary. The list of these securities depends on the type of notarial act. Some documents you may be asked in advance to be shown to the notary. Don't forget to discuss the terms of their transfer, the most convenient way for you. Sometimes it is enough to send scanned copies of these documents by e-mail.
Prepare by the time of arrival of the notary, the necessary documents, so that all the necessary papers were at the agreed time at home. Ensure the presence of the persons interested in carrying out the necessary notarial actions. Inform them the exact time of arrival of the notary, so they can attend if necessary. In this case, note that in any case, you will need ID to all participants in legal transactions.