The wisdom of the ages

Each formula has its Creator, but the most popular way of determining the growth of the child had lost contact with its author. However, the algorithm inspires confidence. In order to determine the growth of his son, parents need to put down their growth rates, expressed in centimeters, multiply this amount by 0.54, then from the resulting number to take away is 4.5. The expected growth of the daughters is calculated according to a similar pattern, only the total height of the parent is multiplied by 0.51, and the final result of 7.5 is taken away.

The Method Of Hawker

Dr. Hawker, working in the clinic with the exotic name "Mayo", have offered their own version of how to determine a child's growth in the future. The essence of the calculation is as follows: the growth of the mother and father (in centimeters) is formed and divided by 2. The result is the average of these numbers. To see the growth of the boy must be added to a 6.4. For girls, conversely, take a 6.4.

The Method Of Carcosa

Czech scientist V. Karkus put his formula for calculating the child's growth. To determine the growth of the boy must be added to the growth of the mother of 1.08, and then add on the growth of the father and reduce the result by half. The growth of girls is calculated somewhat differently. The growth of the father are multiplied by 0,923, added to the growth of the mother and is also divided in half.

The range of values

Professor Vladimir Smirnov, as his colleague in the research, the endocrinologist Gleb Gorbunov, your calculation of the growth of the child showed great awareness in this matter. Their formula allows to obtain not a single value but a range between the maximum and minimum height. To know the possible growth of the son it is necessary to summarize the level of their own growth, to increase this amount by 12.5 and divided by 2. Adding to the final 8, you can define the maximum height of the boy, and on the contrary, reducing the total value by 8, will be obtained the minimum value of growth. The growth of the daughters is calculated in a similar way, only the number of 12.5 is not added to the total of the parent growth, and is taken away from him.

Previous versions to define the growth of the child offer a very hypothetical calculations, the results of which moms and dads will learn only the most probable growth of children. Actual figures may differ from the actual in one direction or another. However, there is a popular way to determine what will be the growth of the child in the future. The scheme is as follows: the growth of the child achieved in year 1, increasing by 1 meter (for boys) or 95 cm (for girls).