Cover letter

To transmit official documents almost always attached cover letter. It gives details of the sender, recipient, description, attachments and materials. It is also desirable to note because of the number of sheets is sent to the document. The cover letter is in a separate document on two sheets, one of which remains with the sender. Organizations on the accompanying letters shall bear a reference number and date. These measures are necessary to ensure that all documents intact was received by the addressee. Also this is to a certain extent, insurance of the sender.

Accompanying documents for the carriage of goods

In the implementation of transport and accompanying documents, and written contract of carriage serve lading. They are presented in the form of the consignment note for the carriage in railway transport waybill -for air transport, the consignment note- for road transport is bill of lading - for sea transport.

In a bill of lading, made the necessary data on the goods (name, quantity, method of determining the weight, etc.), consignor, consignee, the distance of transportation, its cost. It is the main transport document and defines the relationship between the shipper, the carrier of gruzopoluchatelja.

The bill of lading is a security certifying right of its holder to dispose specified in the bill of lading of cargo and receipt of the goods after transport. On the basis of shipping documents, the carrier prepares a bill of lading in which the shipper specifies the name of the sender and the recipient, necessary information about the goods sent, the amount of payment for the carriage (freight). The inaccuracy of the information and all its associated consequences, the shipper responsible to the carrier.

Bill of lading acknowledges receipt of goods for carriage and accompany him throughout the route. She further together with the goods dispatched by the carrier to the recipient.

Bill of lading in all types of transportation except the train is made up in three or more copies to each party remained the copy of bill of lading in case of dispute.

The shipper must provide Transporter in addition to the waybill all the documents that are required by sanitary, customs, quarantine and other rules.