Since 2005 the armament of the Land forces of the Russian Federation were the following tanks: T-72BA, T-80 in several versions and T-90A. The most modern of them is the T-90A. Currently, the Ministry of defence does not buy new models of tanks to create a single tank platform "Armata", which is scheduled to present to the public in 2015.
T-72BA upgraded to the present level of main battle tank T-72, adopted by the USSR in 1972. The T-72 was the most massive tank of the second generation in the world. Was in service with dozens of countries, and some still stands today. From the T-64, standing on the arms of the USSR in the 60-ies, 70-ies and 80-ies, had very low cost and manufacturability. It is these two qualities and provided T-72 popularity all over the world. In the 90 tank to produce longer, but with weapons not yet removed. The total number of tanks in service are about 15000.
T-80 in the army submitted by the modified T-80БА, T-80УА and T-80U-E1, which are just different variants of modernization of the basic tank. The tank T-80 became the first tank with a gas turbine engine, accepted on arms of the Soviet Union in 1976. Until the end of 80s T-80 was considered the most advanced tank in the world, but its operational cost is 2.5 times higher than the cost of operating the diesel T-72, even by Soviet standards was too expensive. Therefore, the number of T-80 in the armed forces was at times less than T-72. In fact, it is the beginning of the 90s, and legally since 1996. The total number of tanks in service – 6000.
T-90A is a modernized tank T-90, adopted Russia in 1992. In fact, the T-90 is a good idea cheap and a major upgrade of the same T-72. During the development phase was called the T-72BU, but for marketing purposes was later renamed to T-90. Considered the most advanced tank of the Russian army, but their number is negligible – about 800 copies. Despite the loud statements about the patriots perfect tank, its performance lags behind many modern tanks developed countries. The only huge plus – low price, good quality and not very strong obsolescence through periodic upgrades.
Also in the warehouses of the Ministry of defense reported 23000 obsolete tanks T-55 and T-64. Formally, in the armament of the Land forces they are not a member, but if necessary can be used on a massive scale. At the time of production of these tanks, the country has spent enormous efforts and resources, so just utilizability feel sorry for them. Small parties gradually sold to third world countries who can't afford a dozen modern tanks, but are quite capable of purchase hundreds of T-55.