For the shooting of "Saiga" bursts with techniques like Bump Fire the thumb of the right hand insert the trigger guard so that the nail of the finger facing the back (looking at arrow). Then hook that finger for any object. For example, the strap of the jeans, which is inserted into his belt. Weapons hold in position "at the hip".
The left hand grasp the handguard "Saiga". When you hold the rifle try to constantly pull it forward over the handguard. When performing this action, the thumb hooked over the strap, will automatically trigger. As a result, there will be the first shot. Under the influence of the recoil from the shot and from what you continue to pull the "Saiga" forward will occur for all subsequent shots. Queue length will be limited only by the size of the store.
When the technique to Bump Fire the weapon, pull it forward as evenly as possible and stronger. To increase the accuracy of the turn carefully control the direction of fire. Note that this technique of shooting the right hand does not bear any load. Therefore, to control the weapon will have only the left hand. Warning: when using Bump Fire there is some chance of damage to the thumb of the right hand! Although recorded cases yet.
If you wish to significantly increase the accuracy and accuracy of fire bursts from the "Saiga" do what is Bump Fire "from the shoulder". Techniques change, but enforce the pillars – pull the forearm forward and touch the trigger fixed finger of the large hand. Although the practical value of fire bursts from the shoulder very low, as there is no possibility of aimed fire.
Avoid very common mistakes beginners – the trigger press only in the manner which has been described. If you press it with the index finger, the queue will not work. In addition, please note that prolonged firing bursts of unsustainable "Saiga" leads to overheating of the barrel and excessive wear of the frame of the receiver.