You will need
  • - 14 sheets of blank paper;
  • - spring;
  • - hole punch.
The easiest way is to download a special program to create calendars, and then print the result. If this kind of program, you for some reason is not available, do the different. Print favorite 14 images or draw them. 2 sheets go on the cover. Below, under each of the twelve images, write the month, days of the week and number of months. If you do not want to write and draw, simply print this panel and glue to the drawings.
A hole punch make a hole at the top of each sheet, and then insert the spring. You have a wall flip calendar. Printed sheets of the calendar are of small size. If you want to make a great calendar, you must draw it on the leaves of the right size or find large pictures and stick them over the graphic and the name of the month. On the last page is usually the calendar grid next year.
Make a calendar-a poster even easier. Just on a large sheet of paper, draw your calendar. Or locate the poster, and then stick to his calendar grid. If you decide to print the drawings of the future calendar, whether it is a poster or flip, only use images with high resolution. Otherwise, the calendar will be coarse and ugly. Choose carefully the image itself. If this flip calendar, you have to admire a picture a month, and if this poster all year.
Can try to create a calendar in photoshop. This program is not designed specifically for creating calendars, but it involves a wide range of image processing. Photoshop is installed on almost every computer, so he developed a lot of video lessons. You will learn to use this program without difficulty. Well, if none of the options suits you, you can choose the best quality, but also the most expensive option - order in a special company engaged in the manufacture of printing, the calendarthat you want.