You will need
  • clean water, soap solution, soft cloth, suede to clean the glass, soft micro-fiber, plastic scraper, sponge
Before you start to wash frosted glass, inspect its surface. Unlike the usual glossy, it has a rough texture, so that any dirt that falls on it sticks stronger and clean worse. If on glass there are no special dirt, drops, fat, or greasy fingerprints to clean the entire is enough warm water with soapy solution. You need to remember that for washing frosted Windows, you can't use detergents containing acid or silicone – they can damage the surface.
To remove small dust pollution, to gently wipe the glass with a soft cloth or sponge abundantly moistened with a soap solution and then wipe dry. Do not use steel wool, scrapers or hard brushes that can scratch the glass. You should not use abrasive cleaning powders.
If on the frosted glass remained frozen droplets of fat or volume dirty spots, will have to work hard. Removal of mud deposits, you can use a plastic or wooden spatula, small spatula, and the like. But the tool does not have to be metal, to avoid scratching the glass surface. It is wrong to use for cleaning stains razor blades, metal kitchen tools or sharp objects.
A good effect can give the use of steam cleaning appliances with continuous suction. After processing the surface of the glass, it should wipe again with a damp soft cloth and dry.
Old organic stains (tea, coffee, stationery glue) can be removed with solvents such as acetone or alcohol. It is important to ensure that the process does not hurt the silicone seals. After application of alcohol or acetone glass must be washed with clean water and wipe dry.
You need to keep in mind that if for cleaning frosted glass is necessary to resort to such strong cleaning substances such as alcohol or ammonia, you need to pre-test the product on a small inconspicuous area of the surface. In this case, if the drug will give a negative response, you can still protect the main surface of the glass from damage.