To craft the dragon egg in the game Minecraft, you need to find and defeat the dragon. After defeating the evil boss on top of a portal from the exit End of the world, will appear the coveted egg.
The egg is remarkable in that she can teleport. For this it is necessary to press the right mouse button.
Currently, the dragon egg to craft it is impossible, though, and can get by killing the dragon. But also use in Minecraft it doesn't have (although its use is planned in future versions of the game). In the meantime, the dragon egg is likely to be an artifact, a symbol of the end of the game, a victory over the senior boss.
To craft the dragon egg, you need to get to the Edge. It is possible to do, if you build a special portal.
To defeat the dragon and get the egg And in the world of Minecraft, you need to be well prepared for this. To protect and fight will need a diamond sword, bow and arrows, good armor.
To kill the dragon you should first destroy the pillars, which are the sources of his recovery. After that, kill the dragon will be much easier. The most convenient weapon to fight the winged boss is a bow loaded with arrows.
After defeating the monster you will get experience points and become the owner of the eggs from which can be crafted dragon.