Most often people begin to listen to yourself in moments of great turmoil, loss, or great failure. When you do not have time and effort to somehow solve the situation, the man finally turned inward, to your inner resources, your inner voice, to himself really. But you can not wait for the so-called push. You can even need to listen and hear your inner, at first barely breaks out the voice, to live a life in which nothing would then change.

Remember the "inner child"

All are taught from childhood how to live, how to marry or to seek his wife, how and where to learn how to build a career and how important it is to get a high status in society. But for some reason no one teaches that everyone has an understanding of this "right" of their own. Inside every human being from childhood is sitting cowering, these rules and recommendations a small child who is afraid to say something or says just can't hear him. It is important to remember about it, living in and dreaming, perhaps, of something unattainable the baby and give it to break out. He will tell you what he wanted and that, accordingly, make happy his adult owner. If on your own through meditation or persistent requests to go out to get him, the light will fail, you can seek the help of professionals – psychologists or psychotherapists who will Wake up the part of the person that is responsible for creativity.


To be able to withdraw it is also important to be able to understand yourself and hear the inner self or inner voice. The ability to be alone can and should develop. Many people can't imagine life without background music in the form of conversations idling for TV or VCR, radio, or other sound effects. But to break through all these barriers is difficult, because the inner voice and stalls, failing to convey true desires. You need to be able to get away from it all, and therefore it is important to master the simple techniques for meditation: just sit or lie in silence, trying to banish all thoughts from my mind and trying to perceive truth. Advanced craftsmen meditation can ask the question: "What do I want now?" and try to understand those images and thoughts that are born at this time in the head.

Disassemble dreams

If meditation is not yet available, and all thought processes are persisting in weary brain, it is possible to contact the subconscious, which is also trying to bring to everyone the voice of the inner self. the easiest way to understand what is happening in the subconscious mind, through the interpretation of dreams. And do not have to read horoscopes, or reminisce about the interpretation of dreams great and terrible Freud who saw sexual overtones, it is important to understand that the images of dreams mean to you. If you are having trouble remembering dreams, you can put directly on the pillow a piece of paper with a pen and barely awake, to write a few lines about what is happening in our own reality. Then it will be easier to restore the entire chain.

Keep a diary

To understand what makes a person happy, you need to monitor your emotions and to analyze their occurrence. You can start a diary and do not need to record every minute day and to notice only what gave birth to the most powerful emotions (both positive and negative) during the day. This will allow a better understanding of themselves, to notice the change in the mood and its causes, to hear your inner voice, and perhaps to begin to change life or their attitude to it.

Love yourself

One of the most important skills in order to hear your inner voice, is the love of self, which includes the credibility and acceptance of oneself. It is very important to adequately treat yourself, do yourself compliments, take them from others with gratitude, not an attempt to justify or abandon them. Self-criticism is, of course, important and necessary quality, but within reasonable limits. Praise yourself also need to be able to, and for every little thing, whether it's lost at the end of the week the hated kilograms, or writing the next chapters of the future bestseller. Credibility is, of course, not blind pandering to their immediate desires, although sometimes it is justified, and the ability to accept yourself, your thoughts and your feelings, even if they seem illogical and wrong. Life is given only once, so why make it "right" for others, if it can be "right" for yourself?