Get notarized permission of the biological father to the child's adoption by stepfather. It is drawn up by a notary using a standardized form. If the father refuses to give such permission or to appear in court to confirm its consent, to adopt a child will not work. The only way in this case – the deprivation of his parental rights.
Contact the guardianship and make a statement about the desire to adopt a child wife. Note that the handle is required at the place of residence of the adoptive parent. However, during the process, you need to communicate also with the guardianship authority at the actual place of residence and the place of registration of the child. Adoption is easier if the child and his mother and stepfather live and spelled out in one place.
Order a certificate of no criminal record. You can get it through the Single portal of state and municipal services. It is about a month and valid for 6 months, so it can be ordered in advance.
Pass a medical examination and receive a conclusion on the health status on an appropriate form for adoptive parents on the form No. 164/y-96, certified by the chief doctor. You will need to have physician, infectious diseases specialist, dermatologist, venereologist, TB specialist, neuropathologist, oncologist, psychiatrist and the psychiatrist, as well as pass a General analysis of urine and blood, do chest x-rays and tested for syphilis. The term of imprisonment is 3 months. If you do not have time to adopt a child wife, you will have to re-take the examination.
Take place of work the salary certificate in form 2-pit. Stepfather do not have to have an income to ensure the subsistence level of the child, therefore, this document does not actually affect the decision about adoption, but demand it can.
Ask at work to make your feature, which is sure to be certified by the company seal and signed by the Director.
Prepare the extract from the house register and prepare the documents to the apartment. They will need to survey your home to determine whether it is suitable for a child.
Make an autobiography. Write it in free form in chronological order. The document is not certified.
Get the clinic a certificate on the health status of the child in form 160. The form of the document can be obtained from the guardianship. Fills it it. No other reference will not be considered. After passing the medical examination of the child the document signed by a Commission of three doctors. Based on the certificate, the stepfather should write a statement that he is familiar with the health status of the child.
Provide a statement of the child's mother in which she confirms the consent to adoption.