So the first thing you should do is submit an application to establish paternity. The Enquirer is the father and mother of the child, not between a married person at the Agency the records of acts of civil status.
If the mother is incapacitated, deprived of parental rights, there is no information about her whereabouts, and in the case of death, you apply yourself. In this case, first obtain the consent of body of guardianship and guardianship.
To file a joint statement on the establishment of paternity you may like to check the babyand after. If before the birth of the child it becomes clear that, for any reason, a joint application may be difficult or impossible, apply more during the mother's pregnancy. And in this case, the application shall attach a document confirming the pregnancy. To give it can medical organization, in which the woman is observed, or the privately practicing doctor.
In this case, the establishment of paternity is carried out on the basis of this statement when issuing birth certificates.
If for any reason you or the mother of the child will not be able to attend in person on submission of the application, signature of the absent notary by verifying.
If mother of child is married with another person, attach the statement of her husband that he is not the father of the childborn to his wife.
If you decide to register your relationship with the mother of child by marriage, adoption will occur automatically in the case of your consent. In this case, the birth certificate of the child will be amended accordingly.
Finally, in any of the variants pay the state duty for state registration of establishment of paternity.