And the first thing you will have to face is obtaining consent to adoption from his mother. Here are two possible options:
biological mother captures his consent to your adoption of a child by a notary;
or doing the same in the office of the custody of children at the place of registration of the child.If the mother of the child is not eager to give such consent from any motives, then contact the court with the statement for deprivation of mother's parental rights. And so the court granted a similar claim, you must have good reason and evidence complete unwillingness and even Dodge my mother on the upbringing of the child. Ideally it is better to try to solve the issue by peaceful means, without resorting to court. Otherwise it can take a long time. Try to negotiate with the mother of the child, find the right reasons and the right motivation. Most likely you will be able to do it much faster than wait for a court decision on deprivation of parental rights.
If you managed to obtain the consent of the mother, write the model statement of claim in the district court for adoption. The lawsuit will detail the situation and provide your personal data: education, place of work, wages, place and conditions of residence, etc. Next, assemble the necessary documents.
In addition to the consent of the biological mother (or copy of the court decision on deprivation of parental rights), and your own claim of adoption you will be required:
- copy of marriage certificate;
- a medical conclusion about the state of your health;
- a document confirming the right of use of premises or ownership of the premises.
- a certificate of good conduct;
Depending on the situation, the court may require the characteristic of the job, the salary certificate, the consent of the child (if he was 10 years old).
On the basis of a favourable court decision in the nearest Registrar office you can change the child data in the birth certificate. Now you can rightfully be called mother.