The easiest way to curl short hair is to use a Curling iron with a small diameter. Simply wrap strands of hair around the heated barrel of the Curling iron, hold for a minute and then release. Then do the same thing with the next strand. Then style your hair according to your taste. Then to keep the curls in place, apply a hairspray. Hair sprays are available in different types. That is, if you want your curls to flourish, choose a varnish easy fixation. Or if you want your curls stay in place all day, it is best to choose a varnish strong hold - so your hair will stay in place and will look good throughout the day.
If your short hair is unruly, you can try to use hair gel or mousse before you use a Curling iron. If you have fine hair, choose a mousse that adds volume.
You can also apply hair gel or mousse and style them with round brush. Wrap small sections of hair around the brush, hold for a minute, and then expand. Let your hair dry naturally or dry them with a hair dryer.