Due to its geographic location Switzerland is a country where since ancient times, speak different languages. The traveller coming into the country, often among the indigenous population can hear people speaking Italian, German, Romansh and French languages.

The biggest part of the population of Switzerland speaks German. So, in Zurich and in the whole of Eastern, Northern and Central parts of the country speak German language. At the same time, you can even hear different dialects German dialect. For example, the Basel German language is somewhat different from the Zurich Nemcova. You can also talk about some small linguistic differences between speaking in Germany and Switzerland. Often the German language add expressions borrowed from other language cultures. For example, sometimes the word "thank you" can be heard in the German language Switzerland language French.

In the West of Switzerland it is customary to speak French. In cities such as Sion, Lausanne, Montreux, Geneva, Neuchtel, Fribourg, you can often hear French dialect. In Switzerland there is a bilingual city. For example, the naming of the settlement bill is written in two languages – German and French (bill/Bienne).

In the South of Switzerland circulated the Italian language. In Ticino, Locarno, Lugano and Bellinzona. The very name of these cities already indicates that here spoken Italian language.

In the South-East of Switzerland (Canton of Grisons) spoken Roman language called Romansh (romanski). Currently, it is neechee is unique.