Grandparents spent a large amount of time and effort on cleaning. Used folk recipes for cleaning different surfaces, for washing, cleaning or washing. Now the shelves are literally littered with various cleansers, gels, powders, abrasives. You can pick up the goods on all occasions. To get the greatest effect from the use of, you need to read the manual and follow it strictly. Most of the housewife prefers the universal funds because their use is convenient and economical. Detergent "Progress" just belongs to this category.
The product is used for cleaning tiles, walls, floors, sanitary ware. Its effectiveness it does not lose even in cold water. Sold in containers from 500 ml to 5 liters, so "Progress" can be used for house cleaning and for cleaning of production areas. Trade mark "Progress" includes several directions products. "The progress Suite" - a tool that is designed for washing floors, dishes, tiles, sanitary ware. "Progress M" suitable for machine and manual cleaning is malomernym used in the workplace and at home. "Progress MT" is designed to effectively remove grease from various surfaces, including fighting oil stains on clothes. "Progress M-30 concentrate" - a means of having a strong detergent effect. The concentrate is economical to use for cleaning medical and social sphere, for cleaning industrial and factory premises.
For washing floors and walls dilute one tablespoon of the product in five liters of water, while washing dishes is a bit of a drop on a sponge, then rinse the dishes with warm water. If contamination is very strong, should be put on their vehicle and wait five minutes, then rinse with water. To save your hands, use rubber gloves and observe safety precautions and avoid contact with mucous membranes. In case of accidental ingestion of the drug you need to go to the doctor.