The rod is shoots of birch, willow, hazel and other shrubs and trees that were used for corporal punishment. The guilty person publicly flogged a thin elastic and flexible rods. Interestingly, the use of the rod as punishment over time has been improved: the bars become thoroughly soaked in salt water, in order to give them even more elasticity.
Whipped at all times was one of the types of punishment applied to a person for committing a criminal offence. It is worth noting that since ancient times, a criminal offence was considered disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, petty theft, etc. the fact that be put in jail for that would be too cruel, but to publicly punish and embarrass people – is instructive.
In Eastern countries still use spanking with rods. Here only it does not suffer from all and only women. The basis for the application of this punishment is disobedience and disobedience to the husband, etc. Flogging flogging is still used in the parish and Sunday schools. The whipping exposed and children coming into these schools and adults serving there (singers, accountants).
Interestingly, in the parochial schools the punishment with rods is used not so much for the criminal offenses, much as the lynching of a helpless child or an adult. And that's a fact. Flog flogging in the parish with the blessing of, for example, systematic delays of the students. Interestingly, flogging with rods considered here is quite normal, though, and looks weird to modern eyes.
In Hungary flogging flogging is still the official punishment for certain offenses. Since ancient times, the Hungarian landowners considered it his duty publicly to give his serfs for 25 lashes. The latter regarded this gesture as a great location is host to the person. Peasant woman fall in love with men, withstood a brutal flogging, because he saw in them the real heroes. In Russia flogging flogging continued until the 19th century. Then the Lord flogged his serfs, calling the whole area, in order to turn this punishment into a public humiliation. The peasants were flogged with rods, tried not to make any sound.
Flogging with rods, extant is a real wildness on the part of modern society. Norms of humanity and dictate his etiquette: the modern man can be punished with work, exile, a fine, lonely, but not physical abuse.