Autumn people – realists, harbors no illusions about the reality, they take a sober look at things, do not believe a word and check everything. People born in autumn, frugal, Thrifty, calm and balanced, they have a clear mind and mild nature.
November kids motivated, this quality helps them to achieve success. They are easy to digest everything new, curious and trying to learn on their own and others ' mistakes. In addition, they are sensible and serious, for this reason they are more suitable romantic, easy names. They will balance their realistic nature, and will facilitate their lives. Mundane names try to avoid.
November marks the astrological sign of Scorpio. Men born under this sign always know their value. They have a difficult character, they are prudent, sometimes even insidious. This gives them the opportunity to rise in any field.
Representatives of this sign appreciate material wealth, striving for gain, and not only on business relationships but also personal. Pretty stingy, but the money never regret. They are rather closed and suspicious, will never open his soul to others. Not trying to go for the most, always defending their opinions. From the crowd they emit a bright personality.
Experts in scheming and spaced networks. Their strong point is the psychological manipulation of others. The November men do not tolerate injustice in his address. Always able to stand up for themselves, will be able to rush into battle without knowing in advance the capabilities and strength of his enemy in that case, if it comes to their personal interests.
For such men work in a team always associated with difficulties. They are extremely quarrelsome. Used to rely only on themselves and often can not find a common language with colleagues. Eager to be perfect in everything, often possess an undeniable talent.
The perfect activity for them is individual work. They can be professors, programmers, businessmen, unable to plunge into the art or to engage in legal activities. Their perseverance will bear fruit in any case.
Personal and family relations November men proceed quite hard, all the spoils of their inability to stop in time to pick up their emotions. They do not tolerate democracy in the family, wishing that everything was under their control. In love, very passionate and demanding, the right woman, they're looking for by using well-developed intuition.
Men, whose birth had in November, very few friends. It is useless to complain and look for sympathy, they will not tolerate weakness, in themselves and in other people. Able to help, but to abuse their kindness not recommended.
Complex, multi-faceted character of the November man will soften the names of Stephen, Maxim, Artem, Philip, Victor, Sergey, Gregory, Constantine, Jacob, Michael, Ivan. It is undesirable to give the boy, born in late autumn, solid names Nikolai and Dmitri.
Will bring good luck for the following names: Joseph, Taras, Rodion, Eugene, Anton, Ivan, Artem, Jacob, Alexander, Yuri, Gregory, Arseniy, Herman, Heraclius, Denis, Konstantin, Valery, Evgenie, Cyril, Theodore, Mr., Andrew, mark, Maxim, Stepan, Hilarion, Julian, Philip, Mr, Zinovy, Emma, Paul, Nikandr, Michael, Aubrey, Vincent, Victor, Nicephorus, Fedot, Matthew, Paramon.