Research confirms that was born in the winter children are much stronger and tougher than those kids who were born in the spring or summer. Winter children, as noted by the doctors, suffer from less colds carry lighter and stronger than the rest of their peers. Their tops winter children win confidently and tightly, they are very persistent in achieving their goals – sometimes to stubbornness, rigidity and even cruelty. To mitigate these traits will help the smooth, soft in its sound name.

If it's December, and you have a girl can choose for her one of these names as charity, Faith, Margaret, Anna, Sophia, Natalia, Zoe, Catherine, Tatiana. Boys born on New year's eve, come names such as Roman, Andrew, Gregory, Zachary, Cyril, Maxim, Nikita, Vassily, Daniel (Daniel), Paul, Plato, Athanasius. Full name sometimes sounds strongly, matching the nature of the child, but worth it to soften, and of Tania, Irise, Katya, Danecki Kiryusha will appear in a completely different light.
Kids who were born in January, moving and restless – even in comparison with December. So it makes sense for them to choose a quiet, euphonious names: Michael, mark, Anton Tikhon, Elijah, Peter, Arkhip, Stepan, Fedor, Sergey, Adam, Egor – for boys, Polina, Ksenia, Antonia, Juliana, Nina, Maria, Elena, Emilia, Svetlana, and Anastasia for girls.

Unlike December and January, February, children are able to control their impulses and actions to manage their energy. They will not fail in a great temper, so the names unlike the January perfectly able to manage their energy and is very simple in control, so they should be names that will support their excellent powers of restraint. For the February children can choose names that emphasize these qualities: fit girls Aksinya, Evdokia, Jeanne, Pelageya, Kristina, Olga, Valentina, Alice, Veronica, boys Arsenius, Nicholas, Philip, Timothy, Efim, Denis, Viktor, Makarov, Konstantin, Anastasia, Vitaly, Vsevolod.