"It opened an abyss, full of stars; the stars are countless, the abyss bottomless," - wrote in one of his poems brilliant Russian scientist Mikhail Lomonosov. This is a poetic affirmation of the infinite Universe.
Russian genius
The age of "being" the observable Universe is about 13.7 billion earth years. The light that comes from distant galaxies "from the edge of the world" goes to the Ground more than 14 billion years. It turns out, the diametrical dimensions of the Universe can be calculated, if approximately 13.7 times two, i.e. 27,4 billion light years. The radial size of the spherical model is approximately 78 billion light years and a diameter of 156 billion light years. This is one of the latest versions of American scientists, the result of years of astronomical observations and calculations.
Again the earth in the center, and the world revolves around her. I think we've already passed...
In the observable universe of 170 billion galaxies like ours. Our galaxy is in the center of a giant ball. From the most distant space object visible relict light of ancient fantastic from the point of view of humanity. If to penetrate very deeply into the system space-time, you can see the youth of planet Earth.
There is a finite age limit observed from Earth luminous cosmic objects. Calculating the age limit, knowing the time it took light to travel a distance from them to the Ground, and knowing the constant speed of light, known from school, the formula S=Vxt (way = speed multiplied by time), scientists determined the likely size of the observable Universe.
No matter what the people measured in space, the starting point is the Earth
To imagine the Universe in the form of a three-dimensional ball is not the only way to build a model of the Universe. There are hypotheses suggesting that the universe has not three, but an infinite number of measurements. There are versions that it is like a Russian doll consists of an infinite number of nested into each other and spaced from each other spherical formations.
Spherical multiverse
There is speculation that the infinity of the Universe is inexhaustible according to different criteria and different coordinate axes. People considered the smallest particle of matter "corpuscle", then the "molecule", then "atom", then "protons and electrons", then he started talking about the elementary particles were not elementary, quanta, neutrinos and quarks... And no one can guarantee that within the next supermicrometer matter is not another universe. And Vice versa – that the visible universe is not only the microparticle of matter Super-Mega-Universe, the size of which no one can even imagine to count, so they are great.
What we don't know