You will need
  • Hairpin, comb, elastic band, hair color, styling products, decorative barrette
Classic pechakucha - universal hairstyle, suitable to almost any outfit. It looks great on medium and long straight hair. Possible variations of the high and low beam, casual and elegant. To make a low classic bun, you need to collect carefully combed hair and roll them into a thick harness. Then shape of the harness bundle and wrap the ends of the hair under the base. Use hairpin to fix the hair. To make a high beam, it is better to collect hair in a high ponytail with rubber bands of neutral color. She gives strength to this hairstyle. Then you need to make bands around the bundle, tucking the ends under the base and securing the hair with Bobby pins. You can decorate the beam decorative Bobby pins, romantic hair, released at the temples, will add flavor to your image.
French rakauskaite classic hairstyle never goes out of fashion for several centuries. The secret of success is that the French shell visually lengthens the neck and adds a few inches in height. This hairstyle can be done either on a business event, and for an evening out. To make the shell, first gently brush your hair. Then gather them into a ponytail and tightly twist into a bundle. Start to twist hair from the base, gradually going higher and higher, trying to minimize the wiring inside. When the strands have formed in the shell, you need to gently hide the ends and secure the hair with Bobby pins.
Coronato, luxurious hair is ideal for formal evenings and social events. It is best suited to owners of long hair. It is done thus: you need to slick your hair back and divide them so that the sides remained strands. Backcomb the middle section of hair and put it in a low ponytail. Use locking agents for the accuracy and reliability of your hairstyle. Then braid braid and wrap it around the head, and the ends of the pigtails connect with a tail at the nape and secure with pins. The side sections of hair, wrap the braid, tuck the ends under it and again, all the lock pins. Hide the elastic band and hide the tail. As decoration use a beautiful barrette.