Among manufacturers of products for babies you can find baby diaper four basic sizes. Strict recommendations on the size of the diapers, of course not, and everyone chooses the option that is most convenient to care for the baby. The only thing you should pay attention - the warmer the material, the smaller should be the size of the diaper. Indeed, the bigger the diaper, the more layers of wrap-around baby when swaddling. The flannel fabric itself is warm, and a large number of layers will contribute to the overheating of a newborn. The largest size of the diaper, usually made of cotton or light knit.
The smallest size commercially available diaper - 80х95 see that size is not considered convenient for diaper changing. Diaper edge continually emerge from any movement of the child, and the whole structure is unwound. And besides, your kid will quickly grow out of diapers this size. However, they are the most economical in price, and you can use them in other purposes: to spread under the baby's head instead of a pillow or wipe their child after bathing.
Popular with moms use diaper sizes 95х100 cm or 100x100 cm This size allows you the freedom to swaddle a baby in an average of 3 months. By this age the child already shows great physical activity, waving her arms and legs so changing diapers required a larger size to be able to wrap the baby at least twice.
Diaper 110х110 cm - the most versatile for swaddling. You can use them for free swaddling during the first 4 months of life. For other purposes, such diapers may be too large, but they can cover the bottom of a stroller, a changing table or crib.
The biggest is the diaper 120x120 cm Is more of a sheet for a toddler than a diaper. Such dimensions are suitable for changing larger children at the age of 3-4 months. The diaper of this size have a drawback: they cost much more expensive of a diaper of a smaller size, especially if made of Jersey. But the mothers love them - because they can be used for a variety of purposes.
Interesting invention – diaper-envelope. It is designed for those who have difficulty with diapering, as well as for trips out of the house. The edges of the diaper fasten with Velcro for a given scheme. From this envelope the child is very difficult to get out, and the legs always remain closed. Besides, the width of the envelope can be controlled in several provisions of Velcro, allowing you to use it at different ages. This diaper is very comfortable to use for bedtime: mom can sleep soundly, knowing that the child is in a safe cocoon and not revealed. A significant disadvantage of these diapers is their high price, which can reach 1000.