Diapering a newborn: is it necessary and how to swaddle correctly?

Swaddling is beneficial for quality sleep: children are less likely to spontaneously Wake up and sleep better. In addition, an important psychological calming effects of swaddling infants under eight months. If the child is crying due to external factors (the visit to the doctor, loud noises, irritating external influence), he calms down faster if it is to swaddle. Soft and warm the space within his own "cocoon" effect on the baby is relaxing and it creates a sense of security as he was safely hidden in the womb.

Of course, the use of swaddling of the newborn as a way to limit the mobility of the child is not worth it. In the period of wakefulness can and should encourage his attempts to reach for anything to crawl or roll over. Well every day to put toddler to his belly, ensuring his skin contact with your that this contributes to the child's self-confidence and adds to his collection of tactile sensations.

Important is also the economic benefits of swaddling: twenty diapers, that does not necessarily work for the designer, will serve as the clothing for the baby for six months or more, while raspashonok, sliders, tee shirt and pants for the same period will have to change a great many, given the rapid growth of the child.

Process free changing Mat

If you have no changing table, no problem. Swaddle can be on any smooth surface.

  • Diaper position on the Desk or bed the rhombus to the top was in the corner. This angle bend down and position the baby so that angled edge is in the middle of the neck.
  • Pat your right hand, put it along the body. Take the opposite left corner of the diaper and wrap the baby, filled the area under the backrest.
  • Smooth out the cloth, then position along the body the right hand. Now you need to take a diaper in the bottom corner and tuck it under your left shoulder baby.
  • The last stage – right end of the diaper wrap baby in the left side and to fix the tip.

With this swaddling your child does not interfere with itself and at the same time, it feels quite comfortable, as it can take a comfortable posture, bending the legs and arms. The diaper gives it a tactile sensation that is useful for the development of fine motor skills.