For domestic purposes are used so-called natural gas which is a mixture of different gases. The basis of it is methane, the percentage of it in natural gas can range from 70 to 98%. In addition to methane, natural gas includes hydrocarbons such as propane, butane, ethane, and non-hydrocarbon gaseous products: hydrogen, hydrogen sulfide, carbon dioxide, helium and nitrogen.
Natural gas has no color and smell, it is not surprising sounds for the modern man. After all, even a schoolboy knows to call the gas emergency service if you "smell gas". The fact that for leak detection of gas in it add special substances – torenty. They have a pungent odor, resembling the smell of sour cabbage, rotten eggs or perepelova hay. The most common of the applied odorants is ethyl mercaptan (or idential). It is a liquid that is added to natural gas before it is used in everyday life
Natural gas is non-toxic. To poison them, contrary to popular opinion, is almost impossible. But all known cases where people have died in the polluted area. In fact, death in this case comes not from poisoning, but by suffocation: carbon dioxide molecules displace from the lungs, oxygen molecules, and breathing becomes impossible.
Natural gas is not only flammable, but explosive. An explosion occurs if the concentration of gas in the room is from 5 to 15 percent of the total air mass. To determine the percentage of gas concentration independently without special equipment is impossible, therefore, if you smell gas, you should stop using any devices that apply an electrical impulse. This applies not only to appliances operating from the Central network, but also devices that use the energy of the batteries or accumulators, including mobile phones, laptops, etc. And, of course, in case of gas leak do not use open flame: light a match, smoke, etc.
Natural gas 1.8 times lighter than air, so if there is a leak it rises up. When the total gas content of the room the main concentration of gas in the upper part of the closed space.
To ensure safe operation of household gas equipment can only specialists gas services, so you need to provide them access to the premises for routine inspection of plate, column, boiler, gazopodvodyaschey pipes in the apartment. Independently to install gas equipment can not. It is also necessary to strictly observe the rules of transportation and storage of gas cylinders.