Installation of gas water heaters from scratch

If you decided to put the gas column where it never had, you must do the supply the gas pipe to the installation site of the heater. For this you need to contact the gas service to your area or firm having a license for this activity. Do not try to do it yourself, in this case, you risk your life and property of other people in an apartment building. All work associated with the gas supply, such as supply pipe installation shut-off valves and tees that are conducted by organizations having the corresponding license.

The installation of the gas column is carried out only after receipt of the approved draft. Part of the work can be done independently, but must strictly comply with all requirements. If this is not done, the gas economy will not take your heater into operation.

Rules of installation of water heater

Gas heater is installed indoors with a ceiling height of not less than 2 m, its volume shall be not less than 8 m3. The room requires ventilation, for example, a window or ventilator, and a chimney with a minimum diameter of 120 mm. the So-called "Duszniki" is not considered a chimney. The water pressure shall be not less than 0.1 atmosphere. The wall, which will be the column must be made of noncombustible materials. Do not install the water heater over a gas stove, it is necessary to leave a distance of at least 10 cm

You will need the following documents: a certified certificate on the technical condition of the chimney, the log column, coordinated the project setup, as well as the statement on the rebuilding of the apartment, signed by its copyright holder. The application is submitted to the city administration, the act on the technical state of the chimney is the service control ventilation and flues. If you have not purchased a gas column, it is enough to specify the chosen model. These data are necessary for the preparation and approval of a project in the City.

Replacement of old gas column

If a new column set in the same place, it meets all the technical characteristics of old, must apply to the city gas service with the request to allow to replace the device while maintaining its original place.

You can then begin to dismantle. First block the gas access and remove the tube from the input to the heater, then shut off the water supply. The connecting pipe removed from the column outlet and removed from the chimney, then install new equipment. When all work has been completed, issued a signed statement that the column was installed according to all specifications and requirements.